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  1. Best phone I ever had, with F7 battery, fast charging and Lolipop update…superb phone. Gonna wait next Find Series.

  2. just got myself Oppo Find 7a last week and its the Carbon Fiber version. i dont know why in my country both 7 and 7a feature the carbon fibre version, in contrast to many reviews saying that the black carbon version is exclusively available for Find 7 only. anyway, this phone rocks!! ^^

  3. Just got my find 7a yesterday. Getting signal loss at least every minute. Very irritating. Anyone knows how to fix this issue?

  4. Oh thank God. I was hoping to find a review that had a reviewer other than that Marques guy. He really annoys me.

  5. Hei.. Can you help me.. Im was wondering which phone is better.. Oppo find7a or sony z1 in terms of performance, endurance and durability.. I watched your previous video and finds z1 kinda lacking in terms of durability so i was curious about oppo.. And i usually play games with the phone.. So in your opinion, which one is better?

  6. Is this the US version or the international version? Oppostyle only has the international version.

  7. Will Oppo find 7a get the 4.4 ? I don't have much experience with this brand's update speed or software support.

    and other question, if i want to do the android App Dev with this device, will that be any problem? since it's not a pure "Android". It's ColorOS.


  8. …Did I just hear correctly that this phone does NOT work/is a hassle to run on T-MOBILE's 4G/LTE Networks..?

  9. Review the Huawei Ascend P7, its Huawei's flagship for 2014 so a review of it should be a nice addition for your channel

  10. T-Mobile network fix:
    Name: T-Mobile LTE
    APN Type: default,supl,mms
    APN Protocol: IPv4
    APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4
    Bearer: Unspecified 
    <all other parameters should be 'not set'>
    ***if you no longer receive mobile data, but did before…try this!!!!***
    ******settings must be EXACT!!!***
    my location: Kansas City, MO

  11. New haircut? I like it. The phone is generally nice. Although it will probably not be available in the UK and even then I am on a contract with an s5.

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