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  1. I have an apple watch but Im switching to Project fi so my iphone will be useless, Im looking for a nice android watch

  2. Question I CANT FIND THE ANSWER TO!: Can you pair an android watch like this to a garmin cycle computer to use heart rate without needing the phone?! Hep!!

  3. Or instead of wasting lots of money on a watch that will probably be superseded within a couple of years just give your money to a good cause.

  4. I have found that if you let the charger freely be picked up by the watch by the magnets and and not try to attach it with your fingers that it engages the charger every time. By doing this I have not had it once miss the pins. I think this is the way Huawei intended for the charger to be attached. But I have a new stock Huawei just gotten this week and they could have made some change. Those having trouble might try this.

  5. hey guys! does anyone know what the watch face name is at 2 minutes in? where can I download it from I just got a huawei watch and I neeeed that face. thanks guys!

  6. I have a pebble and every single person I talk to says to me, "oh is that an IWatch" I'M GOING INSANE

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