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  1. You must suck at taking pictures, because all my pictures have came out amazing with this phone. Day or night, the pictures come out clear as day.

  2. Not sure if you mentioned it ( because I stopped listening at your rant about bloatware, dude cool your beans) but I do believe this phone has an SD slot for more space.

  3. Case and tempered glass on Amazon. Stay away from eBay sellers mkbonzo and moyboy selling over priced cases!

  4. how much ram and memory did your phone come when you checked storage on your phone settings? Mine showed only 1.8gb ram and 8.55gb internal memory. forgrmet what the packaging says.

  5. Yes it has a chin…Yes it's 720p…Yes it has a 8mp rear & 2mp front cam & Yes it has at&t bloatware!…It's a at&t go phone that's exclusive to Walmart ala Zte Zmax Pro (MetroPCS). This is a updated of the Huawei Ascend Mate 2 minus the cam & battery size of which I own also!. I caught this also for $49 during the Black Friday sales. Imo it's worth every penny I spent. Remember people…It's a budget device…😉

  6. I'm digging this thing as a mini tablet alongside my Nexus 5x. I'm seeing cases start to pop up on eBay, like thin TPU things and wallet cases but like you said those Bodygloves are the only legit cases I've seen so far. Hope someone figures out how to root this thing too, some people on XDA are working on it.

  7. Haha, agree with you on phones with big chins. Didn't like that on the Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 too (otherwise great phone for the price back then). I prefer phones with dedicated nav buttons but those are getting harder to find (one reason why I like the ZTE phones despite their crappy support).

  8. I already have a phone with better specs for $99… it's the ZTE Zmax Pro. You must've forgot about that one.

  9. I disagree about the Display being bad. I think it's very good including viewing angles. it is IPS, If it were TFT it would be gray when the screen is off instead of black like it is. I do like the speaker because like you said, it's loud. Ran the Quadrant Standard Test and it scored 24,000 if anyone cares.

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