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  1. Thank you so much, all of your video really helps me a lot to learn about Mac, I've just one big problem, I have iMac 2011 10.6.8 and I want to upgrade it to El Capitan but i can't find where to download it or to buy it, please help, thank you so much again

  2. DON'T UPGRADE TO EL CAPITAN. ITS MORE LIKE A DOWNGRADE! I upgraded straight from Snow Leopard 10.6.8 to El Capitan 9 months ago around July 14th 2016 to El Capitan and it changed my Beautiful, perfect Gargeband into something that I didn't recognize! I didn't recognize very much on my compter. Apple helped me go back to Snow Leopard and my Garageband wouldn't install. They sent me copies. Took 3 weeks wouldn't install. Finally I got a local computer repair man to fix it but my Bass guitar was lost. It came back. Don't know how. I soon lost my modeling amps that sounded so good. Most of it is still usable and sound good. Heres what another person wrote about: The Snow Leopard OS is by far the best operating system ever made! And the Lion operating system on my iMac has been a disaster that has cost me $$$$ in downtime. I NEED Snow Leopard for important work I cannot accomplish with Lion. Furthermore, all the reviews I've read about Mavericks and Yosemite suggest those systems are also loaded with problems. So what if some websites won't work perfectly because your Safari is outdated! You can still google most anything. If you upgrade make sure you use Time Capsule. The girl at Apple didn't tell me to do that. I was naive. DON'T DO IT. KEEP WHAT YOU HAVE! I am still unhappy losing my Garageband the way it was. Plus my safari didn't work until the local computer guy fixed my computer but Safari doesn't work as good as it did before.

  3. Great tutorial, things worked for me in the correct manner! One thing, I found not enough space available on a 8GB usb for El Capitan so switched to 16GB , total storage ended up to 8.05 GB. Question, what can I do with the left empty part, install another MAC operating system or leave it that way?

  4. I just got a Mac and wanted to learn how to create files, stuff like that–basically how to use it. Unfortunately this video jumped in and started talking about stuff that I have no idea how to use or where to find it on my computer.

  5. Interesting video, but some of the things that the poster thinks are new are not! For example, minimizing the message window in Mail. I have Snow Leopard, and I can do it, so it is nothing new. But for the most part, not a bad video.

  6. there is no user guide when I click on the link above – message is the page is not found
    will you reload it?

  7. you are great, thanks for all your video, simple and easy to follow…. almost all of them…. except we are using Kricket so its a little cheaper instead of At & T, and being on social security every $$$ helps!

  8. I need somebody's help, my system preferences takes a long time to open. Al the other apps opens really fast but only system pref takes a long time to open! Can somebody answer me why this is happening.?

  9. Ok I need some help, I have a late 2009 MacBook running OS X 10.5.8 am I cannot seem to run many new programs. I believe this is due to it being so out of date, if this is true how do I update or upgrade to the newest stuff??
    Please help I'm kind of desperate because I'm afraid I'll have a $1,200 computer that is just a worthless useless brick laying around!!

  10. David, great video. I tried on several occasions to get the Radar in Motion Widget but was unsuccessful. Is it still available?

  11. This was awesome!! I am a new MacBook Pro user of 18 months & have had 18 months of frustration up until today.. Thank You. Your site was highly recommended to me & I recommend same to anyone in the same boat!!

  12. hi, day before yesterday i downloaded Skype to my mac, and and from then on my camera is on, so i thought its because of the app, so i quit them and uninstalled the useless apps, but still there were no changes, do you know what is the problem? thanks.

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