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  1. Ha! Apple Macbook Pros have lost all port including SD, USBs for just USB-3… I found using my cloud storage to be completely fine and don't miss the SD card anymore.

  2. "maybe it's just like the slow death of the floppy disk"

    You realize floppy disks only had a max storage space of 1.44MB, so when Zip Disks at just over 100MB were introduced, and then CD-R's with 700MB, then DVD-R's with 4.7GB (single layer) and 8.5GB (dual layer), and then USB flash drives and SD cards with now all the way up to 256GB of data… the ymade each previous tech obsolete? SD Card is still useful, sure, but they have very small USB drives like SanDisk's UltraFit that are the same size as a bluetooth receiver for a wireless mouse with 128GB of data, knocking the score a bunch for no SD card slot seems harsh. ANyways, nice editing in the video, especially the font used in the beginning.

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