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  1. I've watched this review way too many times😂 Lol mine's coming in from groupon for $145!! It arrives tomorrow and a seriously can't wait.

  2. I'm so excited, I just bought a refurbished model of this from best buy for about $160!!! I got a really good deal!!!!

  3. should i get this I'm ganna be 15 in feb well the 9th, can you play games like minecraft, also can you edit video too?!!!

  4. Guys, don't ever botherbuy this laptop! Its keyboard and touch seem to conflict each other! There are times when I touch the screen, it touches any other part of the screen like crazy!!! It's like living in hell when you have things to finish fast and not done because of its touch "oversensitiveness"!!!!! and I still have to shut it down!! Useless piece of sh*tt! Sorry but I have to say this! Even its keyboard doesn't function well. There are times when I touch scroll pages/files/documents, and when I type in anything using the keyboard just after using the touch, it doesn't work immediately! It takes almost around 10-30seconds before it responds! Like what the heck??!! I still have to remove the keyboard and put it back again! I don't think it lags since I can touch the screen pretty well. Its just the keyboard doesn't immediately respond at this scenario. FYI, I already updated its fix but it seems not to work! And ow, one thing, the surrounding silver coating of the keyboard and on the screen isn't much like of any Apple products. It dents and scratches immediately like shit for just a month of use!! Poor build quality!

  5. +Liliputing I've heard rumors that a device with a 500GB HDD in the dock is coming, and knowing how much companies love to save costs by making SKU's as similar as possible, I'd love to know if the parts necessary for the HDD are already built into the dock. Any chance you could open it up and take a peak for me?

  6. Another reason you should choose the t100 is because for the same price as the aspire (379.99) you can now on amazon get the t100 WITH the extra 500gb hdd in the keyboard dock.  Now you don't have to deal with Windows taking up nearly half the available space.

  7. What is the approximate length of the adapter's cable? And isn't the screen of the Switch 10 better than the one of the Asus T100?

  8. I would absolutely love this as a dual-boot Windows 8 / Android x86 device. Pros: Keyboard, HDMI out, expandable storage, beautiful well built form factor, front facing speakers! Cons: eMMC based hard drive. Would love to have a 128 msata ssd in this. Having 100gb W8.1 and 28gb Android X86 on this device would be amazing.

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