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  1. I recommend Navigator PRO:

  2. i found maps .me and osnand is much better with small size maps with better accuracy…checkout…osnand comes with better custamisation

  3. is there any app that can locate yourself and your friends location ? tnx for the ans. in advance . godbless

  4. download Naviation app – your digital copilot….
    this app will draw a holding pattern on your station with specific radial/bearing that you provide on a real map…
    also you can draw your route and drive/ fly it…

    Moreover, you will have access to aviation school that you will learn aviation and more everyday …

  5. RECOMMENDATION: YouTube allows 10-minutes of video time, so you could talk more slowly, and also include some rating info — but most of all, SLOW DOWN.

  6. can some1 name a gps navigation app that tells house numbers, block numbers and all that kind of info? (apart from navitel)

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