Learn Vape Hacks: Episode 1 – Change your mod’s screen color (RX200)

Vape Hacks: Episode 1 – Exchange your mod’s display colour (RX200) simple hacing pointers steps by way of steps. Take a look at the video for extra information about Vape Hacks: Episode 1 – Exchange your mod’s display colour (RX200)

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  1. This as well as the battery wrap video, you are pretty much clickbaiting and then handing over shitty content… bravo.

  2. can i ask ?? what is the brand of that rta he has ? cause i kind a like it black and green .. i wanna buy that one too ..

  3. Man all that work just to change the color of your screen🤔,I don't own own a reuleaux myself because of the many problems I heard about,mind you that I'm not trying to talk shit about it,just saying👍👎❔❔❔❔

  4. quick note be careful not to touch the circuit card with rubber gloves. rubber gloves are not static safe you can toast the circuit card

  5. 03:07 Your light blue OLED display might have a blue foil over it. My RX200 has a pure white OLED. If yours has a foil, it will be worth removing before adding additional filters.

  6. First time I've seen another black/white rx200. Got mine from a local vape store and they had already switched out the plates.

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