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  1. That is full of shame. This is not at all and always you have to download other apps. I have already tried a lot but all do not go. You always promise it is a hundred percent but no. WHAT DO I MAKE THE BITCHES FALSE? I always do it according to instructions

  2. H E Y G U Y S , F I N D F R E E C O I N S ?
    G E T N O W ➜ ➜ =>
    C O M M E N T I F Y O U N E E D H E L P! ❤️

  3. ıphonede app store bağlanmıyor telefon numarası isteyen bir yere yönlendiriyor oda aylık 56 tl diyor yardım edin lütfen…!!!

  4. NONE OF THESE HACKS WORKS!! dont use anyone of these. i've tried almost every hack now and it only cost me a lot of money. didnt get any coins etc. DONT DO IT

  5. ทำไม่ได้อ่ะ ใครก็ได้อธิบายหน่อยว่าทำไม มันไม่ขึ้นแอป แต่ให้โหลดคลิปเซ็กซี่รัยไม่รู้ เซง

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