Learn The Sims FreePlay – Hack/Mod 2016! (Android Version) (Money, LP, & XP Multiplier)

The Sims FreePlay – Hack/Mod 2016! (Android Model) (Cash, LP, & XP Multiplier) simple hacing guidelines steps by way of steps. Take a look at the video for extra information about The Sims FreePlay – Hack/Mod 2016! (Android Model) (Cash, LP, & XP Multiplier)

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  4. guys u dont have to do all of this theres another way
    1:get aptoid
    2:look up the sims freeplay
    3:scroll down till u see the sims freeplay hacked/moded
    4:download and enjoy

  5. everything was perfect i even clicked the little robot on the side put the xp and lp to 10 and 5 the max . but it doesnt add lp or xp or money

  6. This clip is 100 % pure crap. If you want a working version of this cheat simply make a search " raluxguides " in google.

  7. I have the robot thingy and I have turned up the multiplier to the max but it's not working. I'm earning the same as before. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

  8. Does not work bro….The robot thingy that is use to hack or mod the game dissapears when I open the game…my phone is lollipop 5.1…please tell me what to do….and if you fix it I'll like and subscribe….Thanks!! 🙂

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