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  1. awesome hack….just got a very similar pair, cheaper then I could even get a cardboard set for. same issue no sw. security guy so got tons of mags laying around. thanks for the work around.

  2. I also tried neodymium magnets (got mine at Apex Magnets online both in .25" and .50") and found I needed two of the .05" magnets stuck together to work best with my Canbor VR Headset and cardboard app. Guess the plastic is thicker or larger distance between iPhone and outside of my headset than yours. I find it outrageous that most of these $25.00 to $75.00 VR headsets lack a trigger. Thanks for the hack.

  3. I find it really weird how so many of these third-party manufacturers went full-haul with making nice more premium feeling versions of Google Cardboard, but it seems like all of them forgot about the trigger. I mean… you can still view those nice 360 view videos or sphere photos. But pretty much all Cardboard apps need you to at least be able to touch the screen or activate a trigger. It's a big oversight.

    And now that Daydream is coming out, all of these fancy cardboard headsets are just going to be set aside.

    There's no risk of the magnet damaging the phone? I'm guessing the gap between the actual phone and the outside plastic casing is enough of a gap to prevent the magnetic fields from too strongly affecting the phone's circuitry.

  4. Thanks man, that was a life saver. I just bought the very same model you have and was having a hard time clicking on things.

  5. Excellent thank you so much. I really love this headset it's so comfortable and now also in focus. Mine is a Shincecon clone called the Destek VR Headset v2. I'm using it with a HTC One M7 and am having gyroscope issues but I'm sure they're not related to this. Thanks!

  6. Good question. I haven't found too many really good VR apps for iOS. I have VRSE, which has some excellent VR content and Google street view. I also downloaded a short film/app called Sisters, which is a couple minutes long. Other than that I haven't found any must have VR apps. Any suggestions?

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