Learn Samsung Galaxy NOTE 8 s8+ FREE INTERNET WiFi

Samsung Galaxy NOTE eight s8+ FREE INTERNET WiFi simple hacing pointers steps by way of steps. Take a look at the video for extra information about Samsung Galaxy NOTE eight s8+ FREE INTERNET WiFi

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  1. Thanks so much Sir. I have learnt alot from your videos and am waiting see video for free internet using laptop with sim card port. You are my teacher, God bless you so much

  2. how about the magnet setup for a samsung galaxy grand prime, model SMG530T. or what to look for the magnet septup., would greatly apreciated.

  3. with your great invention I have only one question to ask. how to locate the position of the magnets.. thanks and hope to get a reply

  4. just so you all know Nasa has gone on record stating that they have never gone to the moon! If Nasa never went to the moon then we don't have any satellites. It is all land based! Do some research and you will find out the truth!

  5. Thank you for the interesting video. Does the ring coil have to have 18 windings exactly? Does it matter? And what did you do to the ends of the wire?
    Tx again and keep up your motivating projects.

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