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  1. This is so similar to chrome os its unreal and having a 2 in 1 Chromebook now with android app support i think the best tablet experience is on chrome os.

  2. Hello I've just installed Remix OS on my Tablet but i can only use it with my keyboard plugged in via the OTG. I can't touch on anything like a normal tablet.

    can somebody help?

  3. I wish if they could come up like Windows to easily install it on any tablet. I have nokia n1 tablet powerful enough to run it smooth if I could just have a way of flashing it

  4. please create another video that would show the experimental features from the settings for the desktop mode. thanks!:)

  5. I really wanna thank you for making this video. I just ordered a dual boot Android (Remix)/Windows 10 tablet. This is really giving me a huge incentive to check out the Android side and not just automatically load into Windows every time.

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