Learn Real-life benchmark: HTC U11, Galaxy S8, LG G6, Android O and more

Actual-life benchmark: HTC U11, Galaxy S8, LG G6, Android O and simpler hacing pointers steps via steps. Take a look at the video for extra information about Actual-life benchmark: HTC U11, Galaxy S8, LG G6, Android O and extra

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  1. whatever test this was just proved how close all these phones are in speed. So now we have to see which phone has the most features, best sound, best camera, best looks, best battery etc. Although that doesn't sound like it's hard to do it will take tons of time and effort to figure out cause there's so many features we overlook like camera launch speed and iris unlock speed and screen quality and screen brightness and charge time and water resistance and durability and the list goes on and on and on so almost impossible to figure out what phone is king.

  2. "DiscoMark unfortunately does not work properly anymore under Android 7. The Accessibility Events that we use to determine launch times do not correlate anymore with the actual launch times as reported through, e.g., ADB. We will not prevent users with Android 7 from downloading DiscoMark, since it can still be used to automatically launch apps. This can be useful for, e.g., recording a video of the screen and then analysing the app-launch times like that. We are working on different ways of measuring real-world performance, mainly for professional testers." – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ch.ethz.disco.gino.androidbenchmarkaccessibilityrecorder&hl=en

    Well thats awkward

  3. I performed the same test with the same exact apps, On my LG G5 and it got an average time of 2.2
    which technically means that The G5 is faster than The S8 , XZ premium and the G6….
    I bet it's gonna beat all of them with android o

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