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  1. package installer is real you stupid dumbasses you just need to find it and find how to do it and the isos are real

  2. hey i have nfs mw for ky ps vita you can search for my name jamalgrenada with no space and the j capital please let us play

  3. I found this awesome all in one cheat for Mortal Racing 🙂 PS Vita pkg game install free game hacking

  4. where the hell did you get ps vita iso/cso cuz there is no free iso out there and it's all fake ??
    you also probably fake……if this were real why don't you show the tutorial that you download this application/download iso ??

  5. It's not worth hacking for me, I think I'll just go the legal way and pay for games to pay my debt for downloading 1000 psp games on my old cfw psp. Motherfuckers

  6. I don't get it…. you are buying a vita for so many bucks and u won't support the developers of your favorite games? That's one of the reasons why there aren't enough good games out there those days. 🙁

  7. It only works on 3.18 or below – and sadly it can ONLY install free content. It's nothing special. It can't install any DRM content – no PSP games, no PS2/PS3 (obviously, duh!), and no purchased Vita content. Only Vita demos, and free apps, like Netflix or Niconico (like in the video), and since it's been blocked in 3.30+ its useless now from pov of hacking. The vita wasn't jailbroken or "hacked" in any way. It's a simple email, with a command (psgm:open?titleid=INSERTIDHERE) — I admit it was a pretty cool find, way back in the day. But nothing really special even when the post was made. Good video though.
    The really cool stuff is the 2.06 or lower webkit exploits.

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