Learn Pokemon go hack tutuapp android

Pokemon cross hack tutuapp android simple hacing pointers steps via steps. Take a look at the video for extra information about Pokemon cross hack tutuapp android

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  1. Whenever I follow all the steps, I just get the normal (unhacked) Pokemon GO 0.39.1 without the option to click on the right after opening and of course therefore without the option to select an app to appear on top and without a joystick! But Pokemon GO works exactly like the unhacked version…! I can even uninstall the app from my regular Play Store!!! So it seems to be an unhacked version…?!

  2. Hey!! dude I want to teleport but I have pokemon which is in Japanese or Chinese
    I didn't understand what is written in it!
    can there is any method so I get Pokémon app in english plzz help
    I subscribed your channel!!
    plzz help

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