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  1. the reason this is working on laptops is because they have the VESA embedded display port which acts as the same as G-Sync

  2. This modded gsync driver WORKS PERFECTLY,FLAWLESSLY on my MSI GT72 DP 2QE with GTX980M and TN PANEL..and its a revolution of gaming..! and people saying that this doesnt work and saying u need memory module is just an IDIOT..! then how is my MSI GT72 working flawlessy with G-sync..? all my stutters has gone and the strange thing is the picture quality gets sharper with this modded driver..there is another interesting thing i m able to overclock screen refresh rate to the 100hz..! yes 100hz and its not a fake 100hz because mouse movement absolutely getting smoother with increasing the screen refresh rate..although i could overclock it only to 70hz before normal drivers…its another amazing thing…so you have a bad luck because your hardware isnt capable to do this…! or the modded driver is not suitable for your hardware..! and one more thing we actually dont know this is exactly the G-Sync itself or what..?

  3. I cant activate Gsync, i have asus 24" 144 hz, conect by display port to DP and nothings happend :(.
    1) I have the last driver of nvidia installer
    2) I downlaod the 347.25 (gsync mod) 
    3) I install the driver and nothings happend

    help pls 🙂

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