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  1. Hello XC Techs,
    I've tried to manually load the Android OS as described but somehow I've chosen not the right path to install and the M6 box has turned off . I've tried to repeat on the recovery mode but the box is "dead". Is there a way to make it alive again ?
    Thanks in advance for your support/

  2. Question: My android M6 is slow and cuts out back to the main menu at times, what could the problem be? I need an update for sure and thanks for this video. very helpful!

  3. Hello XC techs
    Can I use the M6 file in my jynxbox M3? I am still having problems getting netflix.
    After reinstalling the latest .img, nexflix only plays like for 2 seconds then I have a black screen, no sound. XBMC and the others programs running fine.

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