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  1. Dude, using a racing wheel for GTA looks like a lot of fun. I had been wondering if that was even possible for the game to recognize it. Does the driving feel better or is it still just as twitchy like with a keyboard?

  2. Is the Height on this monitor too small? I'm reading a lot of articles saying that 25 in. is too small and that I should at minimum get a 29 in. I would like to know your opinion on this. I would really love to get this monitor, but not if the height is super small.

  3. I want to buy this monitor too, but according to this link (and some others) the bezels seem much thinner. Are the besels in these pictures accurate?

  4. if i plug a ps4/xbox one to this monitor, will it be black bars or stretched 16:9? because i thinking of buying this monitor both for my pc and consoles, but i prefer black bars for my consoles rather than stretched screen, nice video btw

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