Learn Is Your Data Secure? 5 Facts about the Yahoo Accounts Hack!

Is Your Information Safe? five Details concerning the Yahoo Accounts Hack! simple hacing guidelines steps by means of steps. Take a look at the video for extra information about Is Your Information Safe? five Details concerning the Yahoo Accounts Hack!

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  1. as long as yahoo salted their hashes no one will know you password, but with the security questions they could change your password on yahoo email.

  2. It's just yahoo.
    I never met anyone that takes it seriously.
    Most just use it to post comments or to use the email for jobs.

  3. It's naive to think a hack on this level could never happen with other accounts and companies like Google, Facebook or Twitter will protect you against them.

  4. yea Yahoo is ass. They got rid of their customer service, and the only way to remove an old phone number off a yahoo mail account is by contacting customer service. The same customer service that dosen't exist anymore. The only "help" they have is a forum board full of people asking for help for the same questions, all being ignored. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to find out if yahoo did this shit themselves knowing how bad their company has gone down.

  5. question… why should i care if someone hacked my yahoo account? i mean whats the worst that could happen? i use cash not cards so the hacker would have to reach into pocket to steal my money. so why should i worry? what he gonna do? show up at my home and rape me?

  6. After hearing about the Snowden incident, I'd rather have some overweight jerk off steal my identity then some government prick claiming they care for my safety.

  7. I saw that someone from China accessed my Yahoo e-mail last week. I hope they enjoyed seeing all the notifications I get from YouTube and all the crappy stories I've got saved in my drafts folder lol

  8. i don't know who did this, but taking down a pillar of capitalism is a great fucking job GG guys and without any violence you're bound to respect that


    1. You Have a Yahoo account?
    2. Why do you have a Yahoo account?
    2. Why do you still have a Yahoo account?

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