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  1. My clay start getting out after it is wet and also it comes on the dry glue. I was using green clay and the dried glue became green. PLEASE HELP.

  2. You can buy these materials at any Craft Store in the USA. Basically Apple's iOS Authentec biometric sensors are not only having chip yield problems, but it's supposed unbreakable layered security doesn't work.
    It's not the ARM Trusted Zone or chip core technology that failed here. It's the sensor technology being inferior to it's leading competitor's in Validity Sensors. Where this hack would've FAILED MISERABLY….. with LiveFlex deep to underlying live tissue of the donor's fingerprint!!!

  3. Thank you for this tutorial. It was very interesting watching it! What kind of glue do you use, I am sorry but I don't understand japanese. What does it say on the yellow bottle?

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