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  1. What he didn't say in the beginning was that this resets your entire computer and deletes everything you have on it. I'm pretty pissed off because I found this out after I hit enter.

  2. After pressing command+S, the command screen appears, but its not showing 'root#' instead it is showing 'bash-3.2#'. What should I do? Kindly, help me out.

  3. Would be great if you warned about everything getting deleted in the beginning, thought it was just changing the password not reset the whole goddamn thing.

  4. Thanks for the video just bought a MacBook off eBay and dude had password on still along with his nasty porn got a fresh Mac now 😎

  5. how do i save applications? I was given an Apple MacBook Pro but there is a password on it. I want to save the applications and reset the whole laptop is it possible?

  6. Here's what works on ANY Mac… each new line means you hit enter before starting…

    mount -uw /
    rm /var/db/.applesetupdone
    shutdown -h now

    I GUARANTEE this will work. Peace…

  7. This is NOT about resetting Admin Password!!! This is about DELETING ALL DATA and resetting/reinstalling Mac OS… Of course you than have to make a new empty UserAccount with a new passwod… Read the describtion first!!!
    By the way the most stupid way for resetting the password!!! You better use AppleID or RecoveryMode…

  8. Wtf? Who displays a video instruction for resetting your password and at the END reminds to copy on a hard drive??? Shouldn't you remind people of that first? But thanks anyways.

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