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  1. I have put it, and antutu is giving score of 32 – 35k, that is a shit score, but I believe in developers and am sure the performance will be improved.

  2. Lo eh instalado el día viernes 25 de agosto. Primeras impresiones: diceño y apariencia de Android puro.
    Aplicaciones añadidas: Browser, Gboard, Music.

    Fallos: Teclado Gboard se sierra al usar el modo numérico.
    Aunque esta room está diseñada para los dispositivos Xiaomi MI4 tiene los botones virtuales en pantalla y no da la opción de desactivar.. Y el Xiaomi MI4 dispone de botones táctiles.

    Recovery: a pesar de saber cómo instalar un recovery avanzado me ha sido imposible instalar el TWRP después de instalar esta room. Tampoco eh podido instalar ningún otro archivo desde el recovery.

  3. from XDA

    Guide for error free installation

    I am sure some users must have posted steps for installation, I
    wanted to share the process I followed. I encountered no error during
    the whole process and I am sure if followed correctly there is no reason
    for any errors to crop up. So let's get started.

    1) You can have any TWRP installed, I have the oficial one.

    2) Wipe data, cache, etc in the recovery.

    3) Important step: Reboot to recovery after wiping data, cache etc.

    4) After the recovery opens again, just flash the ROM zip directly.

    5) Flash magisk zip

    6) Flash gapps zip. This will take some time. Just be patient and let the recovery reboot itself.

    7) After recovery opens again, just reboot to system.

    8) Initial boot takes some time.

    9) Just skip any initial setup as keyboard crashes and google account can't be added right away.

    10) You will be welcomed by the home screen.

    11) Install a new keyboard app.

    12) Go to settings and add Google account from there.

    Hope it helped. I have tried to keep it simple and easily understandable
    for anyone who is no very fluent in all the flashing and stuff.

  4. I my following you from past 1 year….and you just want to be Jay Kapoor so badly that you have lost your originality

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