Learn How to Get Apple CarPlay in Any Car for Just $3!

Find out how to Get Apple CarPlay in Any Automobile for Simply $three! simple hacing guidelines steps via steps. Take a look at the video for extra information about Find out how to Get Apple CarPlay in Any Automobile for Simply $three!

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  1. Does this actually connect to the car interface? And if so how do I connect it. I tried Bluetooth and usb / lightening cable.

  2. I just had to reinstall. Will I have to keep reinstalling the app periodically through XCode if I don't have a paid Dev account? Thanks

  3. Is anyone else having issue with spotify hook up on version 2.3, I get a invalid_app_identifier after spotify authorise it and jumps back to CarPlay iOS?

  4. Ha ha I thought nah stuff that too many steps and then you said "and that's all that you have to do" and I thought Pokémon hack was too hard 🙂 good video and clearly spoken detailed instructions I just can't be stuffed gunna go buy a cable and try run airplay on iPod 6 cause easier I hope 🙂

  5. but what's the purpose of this… carplay is a limited version of iphone.. and you are using an iphone to do less things than itself?

  6. Unfortunately it isn't $3 anymore. And there's no 1-week free trial anymore either.

    I was able to download and install the app per your instructions, and it's… OK at best. It crashes a lot.

    Additionally, when I open it, there's a note from the developer saying to go download the latest version from somewhere else, and it is now $13, not $3, unless your iPhone is jail broken, in which case it's $4.

  7. did all the steps like you, but when i click on the app it crashes. i downloaded the latest carplay 2.2 and I'm on iOS 10.2 on iPhone 7 plus

  8. Thank you for the video. I made the app, installed it, and the iOS carplay launch screen appears and the app just quits. Any suggestions?

    iPhone 6 running iOS 9.3.5 (non-jailbroken)
    CarPlay 2.2 (was the only one I could download)

  9. i followed the procedure and manage to install the 1.5.2. for those having trouble about "failed to create provisioning profile", make sure that your iphone/touch/pad is connected and select it from the upper left corner… then proceed with the app signing. installed and registered it via paypal but other apps wount work, such as google map/play etc. btw, im using ip6s + non jailbroken. i want a refund!

  10. Under Signing, I have the error: failed to create provisioning profile, [there are no devices registered in your account on developer website] and there is no button to fix it. Any hints?

  11. Hi I have just followed your steps downloaded carplayios_2.0.1ipa. I opened Xcode etc and get as far as the app on my non jailbreak phone but I can not open it?

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