Learn help please flyff wont work – game hack found?

lend a hand please flyff wont paintings – sport hack discovered? simple hacing pointers steps by means of steps. Take a look at the video for extra information about lend a hand please flyff wont paintings – sport hack discovered?

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  1. you all r stupid when you load gameguard the virus program picks it up as a false positive and shuts down the game thats why it says game hack found its very hard to fix this

  2. hey guys i have the same problem but it started when i failed dual loging.
    yes, i have tryied reinstaloing closing all the other problems disabling my firewall , all my drivers are up to date, what should i do to fix it?

  3. My problem is that when ever i logg on to play, a little box pops up saying GAME HACK WAS FOUND…. i don't even hack or even know how to hack… But this problem is really getting aggrivating.. pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse :/help:

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  5. @TheFlamingForce re-install the patch, it obviously didnt install properly during an update or something, re-installing sorts this out

  6. @takumi214 its very simple, this happens if you lose connction during cirtain flyff updates or gameguard updates and by re-updating it is fixed easily, ive had this problem twice until i got a better internet connection

  7. im getting the same thing except i cant even get to character selection screen when i try to connect to server it sais server is diconnected then after i try to connect a few times it gets the message game hack was found????

  8. Hey i just downloaded flyff again and a few seconds after im in the world i get booted just like in the video and it says in game hack was found……….can yew help me please?

  9. hey i need help, everytime i open flyff it goes all nice and dandy but when i click start it goes black how it should be, t hen it brings me back to the desktop and opens a internet explorer window saying "webpage not foun". please help!!!!!

  10. please help me flyff is my fav game and every time i try to play it keeps saying
    code:12029 result:2 if u know how to fix its please tell me because the flyff web
    is no help

  11. @nicocapote It can't be Gameguard if this is not window 7. nProtect Gameguard does not support window 7 for many games online yet. anyone with window 7 having problem open Flyff should try and search on google for the fiexed file. this video has been here since 2008, so I assume is probably the PC itself that has problem.

  12. Something like that happened to me to but it said some thing different and so i gave up on the game for like a month and just yesterday i tried it after like a month and it works smoothly for me now :[]

  13. for me when i start up flyff i go into it its loading then heres wat happens it comes up on screen saying gameshield laoding error i tried downloading it again then when i went into it again when it was loading the game (like when it ses start then it goes into game) it ses another error thingy i tried installing it again heaps of times help me 🙁

  14. it didn't work i updated my virus protector i restalled it i romoved any kind of hacks or anything i deleted programs i didn't need i turned off my firewall. why won't it work!

  15. my best friend has this problem too and she doesnt know what to do to fix it. she never hacked or downloaded hacks. can you tell me what should i do?

  16. if you want to take time to re install it you can but i recommend messing around with your virus protector and assuring that it recognizes flyff as a safe program, sounds like it has nothing to do with game hack but i guess it does, that what i did

  17. I had this problem to, but i got it fixed, wat u need to do, is fully get it off ur computer, dont just uninstall then restall, u need to uninstall, find any file to do with it, deleat them, then re-download flyff. it worked for me and now i can play again, if it dosnt work then u probly didnt do it right or it isnt gonna work that way for u (and dont email the gms, i emailed them, it said it will take about a week to get back to me, 6 months later, still nothing)

  18. im thinking about making a video of how to fix this, would get alot more views =) but all i did was updated my virus protection, and deleted every hack thing, so i would probably scan with your virus program to, to make sure nothing harmful on.

  19. It starts and I get the chance to enter my account + password. If i click on login, the game stops after like 5 seconds. Game hack was found… ¬¬

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