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  1. I like the music, but the "circuit" you pulled from that battery is the wireless charging circuit. NFC is built in to the SOC… SMH @ you amateurs… NFC "Near Field Communications". Who would think their NFC Chip is in their battery anyway?
    Ohh, the same people who believe there is a "secret mobile battery data battery" I suppose… Wow.
    Let me inform you that there are 0 (zero) wires that come off of the battery and attach to the SOC to transfer data. That procedure would make no sense at all. I will reiterate, That is a wireless charging circuit, not Near Field Communication Data transfer.

  2. For hacking data? You're a fear mongering idiot, that's a chip sensor for swipe pass and to use your phone as a swipe card for credit. Or to link your phone with another. Are you a professional in the tech field and know a lot about electronics? Or do you just see a chip in a complicated device and get paranoid. There's so many other ways for companies to get your data without inserting a special chip.

  3. because it will probably mess up the battery and it looked like the cooling system not a wat ever they said it was

  4. This is not a spying device, it is a NFC antenna. Near field communication (NFC) is the set of protocols that enable electronic devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching the devices together, or bringing them into proximity to a distance of typically 10cm or less. If you don't want to use Near Field Communications, you can disable it on the android. No one is spying on you. You have control over your device.

  5. God damn people are naive and have not even a BASIC understanding of electronic engineering who say this stuff.
    It's a secondary coil for wirelessly charging your battery and also serves as a bucking coil to limit your radiation exposure.

    People read NFC and having NO education in electrical theory misunderstand the highly technical and confusing language we use.
    My formal education is in electrical engineering.
    It's considered one of the hardest degrees you can get right up there with neuroscience.

    I really loathe the DIY internet community and retards that theorize this ridiculous shit.

  6. If the government was to spy on are phone communications and get are info im sure they have the technology to do it without putting a sort of chip in are battery. I mean its already been proven that they have spyed on us but im sure that they can do it now without any trace of evidence to show for it. and even if so we can't do shit about it. the government will always do what they want because they are in control of basically everything. it may not be the right thing to do by any means but im very sure its true.

  7. So? this video is not include the proof of HOW that chips working  for hacking or hooking personal data
    wtf? You should tell me why did you conclude that chip is made for hacking.
    Is it all made for hacking or illegal? like if something strange to your sight?
    Needs proof for argues. You know?

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