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  1. hey Google, if ur seeing this don't launch this os and make android updates faster on every android phones…..
    And also optimize the ui like ios always has….

  2. I remember when Microsoft made "Midori", an OS where even the kernel was using managed code. In 2017 Windows is still here.

  3. The reason Google is doing this is because it is very difficult to make Android apps and if you make an iOS as well, you are essentially making another version of the same app with some minor tweaks.

    Fuchsia / Flutter are trying to make it easier to make apps in general. Two apps, one codebase, with better performance.

  4. Ash… Fuchsia is replacing the Linux kernel in android… It's not replacing android itself… Please check your facts Ash … You have a very large audience…!

  5. Great video you made great points that are probably going to happen. I agree Android wants more control of there OS now that its neck and neck with apple in smartphone OS.

  6. the way I see it, Google is trying to make an is that runs a modular design. (project ara) if you notice it's very expensive to release new hardware every year. they could just release new mods.

    I think that this would allow Google to focus on major optimization between mobile and desktop OS. While still keeping customization the most important aspect.

    I support it and if it can be linked to to Android in an any way, it will give way for a very seamless transition for developers.

  7. I think Google is at its threshold with Android they need to develop something new, now idk how they'll get rid of Android and woo people into fuchsia OS but we'll see..

  8. I am all for it.
    It will not being based on Android which means they'll likely fix all of the problems that Android keeps carrying with every single update.
    Can't wait for this to become a thing!

  9. I really have negative feelings about this project. Android has evolved and become a mature product.

    @Google – Please dont ditch Android stack and whole of its ecosystem and become another Windows phone.

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