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  1. "absolutely beautifully looking" is very subjective. It looks very dated and amateurish in everything from the theme, layout and icons to the wallpaper and widgets.

    I would also argue that it is overloaded with software and "features" making it more of a cheap Swiss army knife of bulky, useless tools rather than being really good at being just one – an operating system.

    Whilst I'm not a fan of Windows or MacOS, I don't think they have anything to worry about here. I doubt it will "destroy" them or even dent their user base.

    Windows is ugly and also bloated with stuff that is largely useless to the average user, but it still looks easier and more professional than this.

    I think the future of desktop operating systems needs to mirror what we're getting on some phones – lightweight and modular. Have a super lightweight and speedy core with a simple, unintrusive desktop environment and easy to install apps, services and drivers.

    This thing looks like a Frankenstein of bad, early 00s design and computer nerd concepts.

  2. For our machines that can boot from a usb stick, MX-16 has (dare I say it?) taken the place of Puppy (blasphemy!) for backup and other utility work. It's how I take system images of my wife's Win10 machine before subjecting it to MS's slipshod updates. I've never seen the like of it for building AND MAINTAINING a bootable usb stick.

    Amazing distro, and, as you point out, nonpareil community support!

  3. Not really a mac and windows destroyer if you need and use industry standard software for design and depend highly on drivers for acceleration. with windows 10 still free and spyware controlled with spy bot with malware bytes and avast behind you I fail to see the benefits of linux anymore. I think linux would only ever be good for people that don't use there pc's to there fully potential and just sit n watch you tube or word processing . I am not a troll before you comment bob I still watch your videos and have done for a long time my 40 discs with different operating systems proves that lol and yes I know gaming and some sort of editing can be done but not as good as windows or mac

  4. I couldn't agree with you more, Steve. This is a fantastic distro. I have it installed in one of my two HD partitions. The other one has Linux Lite. Mx16 is fast, has an incredible community for help etc… And continues to create an impressive distro with the user in mind. Reminds me a bit of suse which also has some impressive tools.

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