Learn Fallout shelter lunchbox and pet carrier hack (Android) May

Fallout safe haven lunchbox and puppy provider hack (Android) Might simple hacing guidelines steps through steps. Take a look at the video for extra information about Fallout safe haven lunchbox and puppy provider hack (Android) Might

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  1. try to get it on rooted folder but says that is needs to be downgraded, dont know if it is only me.
    Messaged me if you know what to do.

  2. These cost on that shop senses nothing at all with using this resources producer!
    >> https://sites.google.com/site/falloutenginev2?id=8714-5350-7562
    It is actually helpful yet..

  3. As you can see this is fake because everyone who says it worked did it last year, or has bad grammar just the person who made the video..

  4. This version of the program isn't doing the job anymore. A brand new working version has been released just search " ronitolguides " in google.

  5. This version of the software isn't doing the job anymore.If you want a truly working hack tool just search " ronitolguides " in google.

  6. For those who are saying it's not working correctly… you have to let this guys virus take hold of your personal information before you get anything in return. Hope you morons didn't have your bank info on your phones/computers…. lol!

  7. Installed Rooted BlueStacks
    Installed Game
    Installed Lucky Patcher
    Installed APK
    Launched Game
    Store is locked out with no connection now.

  8. You don't need root for lucky patcher while in lucky patched click your setting button and look for Force root set then put it to non-root mode

  9. I've download Bluestacks version and install. But I run it, the screen of Bluestacks is blackout and no response.
    Sorry for my bad E.

  10. thanks it worked for me on PC. I did this solution "Try delete the game and install the lucky patcher and install the hacked apk and open the game and wait for game to download files."

  11. I tried to install the Fallout.Shelter.v.1.1.b.4.crk.Support.apk file, but the installation stops and says INSTALL_FAILED_VERSION_DOWNGRADE. Can you please help. Thanks in advance.

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