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  1. Can you prove that this method is correct?I have a computer on the disk lock, the password and the backup key is lost, I have been concerned about the crack dynamic, hoping to unlock as soon as possible

  2. Hello Sir.
    i just want to ask that. suppose someone has given me a bit locked external Harddisk. And he has protected that harddisk from his computer.
    and now i want to Crack that bitlocker password. so i have to connect it to his PC only. or The process u told can be followed through another computer also.
    PLEASE Answer to me sir. plsssss
    Waiting for your reply……

  3. When i select the physical drive , the partition thats locked with bitlocker is not available for selection ? i can select drive C and another one but not the locked one ?
    I'm using windows 10 , any ideas what I'm doing wrong ?

  4. not a true hack. try to cracking a system drive protected by bitlocker not attached when you already have access to the dump files etc

  5. Good brother I did all the steps that indicated in the video but the program does not recognize the blocked volume because it will be some answer to solve

  6. "This Channel is intended to Technology Professionals and Forensic investigators to discuss latest security vulnerability breaches and not to Crackers that want to take advantage from Ordinary Users to commit crimes..Plz do not use this channel to violate Youtube Rules"
    Shares a pirated copy of the software, and criminals can exploit the same tools that investigators use, so disclaimer is snake-oil.

  7. your a fucking know it all wanna be i tried everything and still nothing dude you honestly know shit about computers i mean on that program when i press select there is fucking nothing to choose from and im fucking sick and tired of you fucking yanks think they know it all but fucking dont

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