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  1. I see this as progress! If android will embrace hardware such as graphic cards, imagine the capabilitys it will have! They already have simple games for android such as call of duty zombies or GTA san andreas and other popular ones. As you know the graphics are not that great, but its because they are limited to the hardware of cell phones. If this OS embraces the hardware of PC's just imagine what could be possible. They could create high end games for this such as modern day games like the new grand theft auto and any thing else top of the line. Imagine a playstore with app's that are only able to be installed on PC's (will only show up in playstore when using PC) but also allows the installation of any mobile app's. Of course there would be software available outside of the playstore just like there's millions of programs available for PC. Imagine Steam on this OS for games. This is big if they were to go in this direction. I could see this OS knocking Windows and Apple out of the water or atleast being of GREAT competition to them. PC's would be sold with this OS installed on it. What else is great this software would probably remain free!

  2. Amigo ayudame!

    Pc: AMD athon x245 2.9Ghz tarjeta madre asrock VS3-UCC 4GB RAM DDR3 disco 320.

    Instale la nueva actualizacion remix os, sale androidx86 luego remix y sale para colocar el idioma pero np aparace el cursos del mause, selecciono con el teclado y salen unas rayas en la pantallas feas como de video o RAM movido y se queda pegada, no hayo que hacer ayudenme con alguna solucion amigosss …

  3. Top quality video, keep it up!
    This looks really interesting to me. Been following it since Verge did a video on it. It's nice to give some life to old beasts.

  4. Android and Chrome OS had a baby! Frankly Google should have done this a long time ago tired of waiting. Good for the developers.

  5. my laptop is an acer switch 10, it can be slow but wirh an android enviroment it would be fast. you shouldve tested this is on the slow devoces and take a look at my device. its detachable and has a weird bois

  6. this came almost 3 years too late for me, used to have a samsung tablet for class notes and ended up switching for a macbook because it was so much more convenient.

  7. I was using this yesterday on my Mac, and I thought that there would be some option to update over the air. I don't see that option in the version I have downloaded, and I fear that I'm going to have to go download the newest version and all of my stuff on there is going to be lost. Any idea where the option is to update over the air?

  8. Yup, I think it has been announced that this is what Android N will be like, or it was a rumor, but I heard is somewhere.

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