Learn Android OS & Bluetooth Controller by Phonejoy Full Review

Android OS & Bluetooth Controller through Phonejoy Complete Evaluation simple hacing guidelines steps through steps. Take a look at the video for extra information about Android OS & Bluetooth Controller through Phonejoy Complete Evaluation

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  1. It's like they predicted the Nintendo Switch!
    The NS controller is called the "Joycons"
    This controller is called the "Phonejoy"

  2. bro u already have a Bluetooth controller and and android device
    why don't u start a channel on video gaming
    like maybe blitz brigade
    or maybe gangstar vegas

    u can also make some people challenge u so that to be able to post more videos

  3. i would only buy this controller to play my nds emulator other than that this controller is way too overpriced not to mention its way too bulky to be considered portable pocket sized…there are better controllers to play like ones from 8bitdo…

  4. The phonejoy has delay in the your command ? This gadget hold well in the galaxy note 4 ? I'll like the play in my bed ,is it possible ? Thank you.Brazil

  5. Hey, first thank you for your review it's one of the most complete I've seen, I like that the image if good so we can have an idea of the texture quality and most importantly : the sound is good so we can hear the noises it makes when you use it, very important IMO.

    Allow me to point a mistake, you said it had a mini usb port on the right shoulder. It seemed strange to me and I had to search on google to learn it was in fact a micro usb port, so that you can use the same cable as the one you charge your phone whitch is very a important detail as well :p

  6. A few questions. Will the accessories work with the Note 3 in landscape mode? Seems like it won't fit with Note 3 plus headphone adapter in controller. Also, and how is the sound when using the Note 3 with this. The Note 3 has a down firing speaker and thats were this holds it. So is it super muffle sounding?

  7. There's an accessory that allowed you to charge while playing. It kind of reroute the USB port from the bottom of the phone that are blocked by phonejoy, to the side it not be blocked. See the website of phonejoy for your reference.

  8. Phonejoy Bluetooth Game Controller for Android and iCade

    Basic: http://amzn.to/1h8Wpun
    Advanced Package: http://amzn.to/OfC0qu
    PRO Package: http://amzn.to/1j5OvQQ


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