Learn Android OREO vs NOUGAT SPEED TEST ! Performance & Benchmarks Comparison

Android OREO vs NOUGAT SPEED TEST ! Efficiency & Benchmarks Comparability simple hacing guidelines steps by way of steps. Take a look at the video for extra information about Android OREO vs NOUGAT SPEED TEST ! Efficiency & Benchmarks Comparability

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  1. I tried oreo and you fell the smoothness of oreo at the beginning of configuration its very low RAM usage its very good for a newer Android release

  2. Sir i am faceing screen burn issue onmy moto g4 plus plz give solution……..plz plz plz sir……give some solution to avoid screen burn issue.


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  4. It would be better if you can compare longtime performance of theses roms … Specially battery timings and how much the roms slow down over period of time

  5. Yesterday I slept at 9PM so I couldn't came first but Now I am back from school and Seen your Video , The Video Made my Day thanks for uploading Stay Awesome

  6. Bro Ur channel is really awesome and informative… Keep it up.. and the mouse technique for comparative speed test is a really awesome idea… Better than a lot of foreign channels…

  7. Good video only 1 thing I would like to ask is can I connect a wired mouse with otg on my non rooted but otg supported fone?

  8. Pls suggest me a best rom for my yu yureka
    Pls pls pls
    My phone is suffering from so much lag 😔😢😭
    Pls do this for me im waiting

  9. Yeah Oreo is definitely Faster than Nougat and at this time when it's at the unofficial state it has really performed well. There are a few bugs but I think they would be fixed within few weeks. Oreo on the G4Plus is Yumm!😋

  10. Bro I noticed about my Mobile automatically switch off during using it is battery issue with ORIGINAL TURBO CHARGER it takes 2 hours to full 100% so I visited nearest service centre they said 1800 for cost and in on-line it is showing 1200 for Moto G4 plus but mines is Moto G4 only what should i do plz telllll

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