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  1. Hey Techspert, Nice video. I´ve bought this tablet last year and it was just ok experience with a lot of system bug issues (sound, keyboard, wifi…) and poor features from Android M . Now we have Android 7.1.2 pretty mature version with split screen and not bugs reported so far. Do you think that this tablet could replace a basic laptop for a light user (e-mail, social media, watch videos, browse the web…) ?

  2. nice vid sir I love this tablet so much and I don't give a shit about the productivity or social media apps like Facebook or instagram bullshit I just want one I really do so my question is do u recommend this as a multimedia and gaming device and did u experienced any issues like screen issue WiFi issue and what about the performance is it still good THANK U and sorry for bad words

  3. also I've heard you can now seamlessly use the data connection from a pixel or Nexus device with the pixel c or HTC Nexus tablet could you look into this .

  4. Great video! please could you cover the PIP mode with chrome and a youtube video? That would be really useful for me as I'm interested in getting a Pixel C. Also, is the multi-window mode still there in the preview? Thanks

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