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  1. Am I the only one wondering why there's two Chet's in this comment section answering questions? 🤔 😂
    Regardless, great video, thanks for the session!

  2. Awesome as always. Thanks! I do have a follow-up question that I would love if you can answer (a bit late, I know):

    Regarding JobScheduler. Since we cannot have a long running background service anymore, how could e.g. a Clock widget update periodically every 1 minute to draw a minute arm? Thank you, regards Fredrik

  3. Will Project Treble also mean longer updates support for devices? For more than the "standard" 2 years?
    At least for Google's devices?
    Or we can only hope so?

  4. Many of the questions are very very hard to hear. Please add captions for them. And, BTW, captions keep writing "oh" instead of "O" .
    Also, about Kotlin, can we assume that Java won't go anywhere, and it will get updated together with Kotlin from now on? I do know that Java 8 gets support, but what will happen in a few years? Will it be like Eclipse and Android-Studio ?

  5. 39:28 Last question: my app crashes with null pointer exception when the user rotates the phone while a network request is happening, do you have any plans to fix it?
    – (LOL) yes (LOL)

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