Learn Android 8.0 Oreo: Top 5 Features You Will Actually Use!

Android eight.zero Oreo: Best five Options You Will In fact Use! simple hacing pointers steps by way of steps. Take a look at the video for extra information about Android eight.zero Oreo: Best five Options You Will In fact Use!

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  1. You can enroll in that Last Pass Beta for Autofill here: http://bit.ly/2vjjgwc

    Also, grab the Oreo wallpaper I am using here: http://homescreendesign.blogspot.com/2015/08/project-57-oreo-wallpapers.html

  2. Post Android O update – Has anyone realized you can no longer connect a USB C flashdrive to open as mass storage device?

  3. the only problem with android is the ugly status bar icons by default. the icons on drop down notifications are ugly aswell. unless skinned..

  4. i have android oreo on the nexus 6p and i have no clue on how to get fingerprint gestures please help i dont want a third party app

  5. "notification dots" is ridiculous.
    Nova Launcher has had this for over 4 years now and even shows you the number of notifications. Much more customizable too.

  6. App badges- iOS 4
    Picture in picture- iOS 9
    Snooze notifications- iOS 9 (only some apps)
    Smart text selection- iOS 9 via 3D touch
    iCloud keychain- iOS 7 / Autofill passwords in apps or websites iOS 11

    Android users: "We've had these features for years"

  7. Hi! I hope you can answer this question, did you factory reset after updating to Android Oreo? or you just upgraded from Nougat?

  8. if you want picture in picture for free just download OGYoutube. plus you can download the video/mp3, play in background and even if your screen is off. also no ads 👌🏼

  9. Dots and notifications annoy the crap out of me , I have them all turned off except for text messages , If I want to know whats going on in Twitter , Facebook even my email I will open the app , I don't want to be bothered 500 times a day.

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