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  1. After those 7 rounds I would say that Serbia and Wales should end up as first 2 teams in the group.I just hope we won't lose against Ireland in Dublin.Because I firmly believe that our national teams are far more entertaining than obsolette Irish football style.We've played against all UK teams except England in previous qualifiers,and only Northern Ireland played uglier football than Republic Ireland.Serbia defense needs to put its shit together for last 3 games seriously,otherwise we will be in big trouble.And I would hate to lose against Ireland,I don't have anything against them just saying,their long ball football style with rugby built-up physique players is annoying af.

  2. 10 salty Irish and Austrian fans disliked. Edit: The dislikes are rising. Lol now there are 16 of these salty bums all because 17 year old put down an entire Austrian squad with a single debut goal.

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