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  1. Lifelong Niners fan. I like the trade for the Steelers but don't get ahead of yourselves. The guy is maddening. He is and has always been an awesome athlete, but he really has almost zero feel for the game and hands of granite. He can run past LBs all day but it doesn't help if he can't catch the ball. As you see in this video everything was a pretty easy catch so don't plan on him getting any over the shoulder receptions down the seem.

    I actually have been in his corner for some time and I didn't want them to give up on his talent, but the Niners Rookie George Kittle has looked fantastic and also has 4.5 40 speed so it made McDonald expendable.

    He also spends a lot of time injured. Vance absolutely looks the part which is why he was a 2nd round pick to begin with (side note, Harbaugh ASSIGNED him #89 because he thought he looked like Mike Ditka) but he just never developed as a football player. Just a great athlete. If you get him in space with green in front of him though, watch out…he'll take it the distance.

    EDIT: …and BTW, the TD at 1:44 is actually #88 Garrett Celek, not Vance McDonald.

  2. He looks better than James, that's for sure. One can only hope he's Heath 2.0, but I'll temper my expectations until we see him in action. At least he'll be catching passes from a legitimate QB.

  3. I'm not a big 49er fan, but I'm from the bayarea, lot of 49er fans says he drop a lot of balls, has highest rating in drop balls, Pittsburgh shouldn't of pick him up. What they should try to pick up from the is Ahmad Brookes. We need a inside linebacker, not feeling Vince Williams as a starter….

  4. I misread the trade at first. I thought we traded a 4th for him. I thought is was a bad trade, until I saw that we got a 5th in return. If it's the 49ers actual pick and not someone else's pick that the 49ers had, we won't move too far back in the draft, as SF will probably pick in the top 5 this year.

  5. Do you think we should go after Joe Haden, I think it would be a good idea, we need a corner who can play man coverage plus it should not take much to get Haden.

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