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  1. Our brothers, friends, and families in Texas need our help
    To collect aid for them
    Let us show the world that the American people are strong and cooperative people

  2. Why as an Aggie fan fire sumlin how do u blow a 44-10 lead come on we need to learn how to finish a football game only crap why are we in the sec

  3. This game was strange in a lot of ways. As usual, UCLA can't stop the run giving up over 300 yards on the ground. This has to addressed by the coaches. Texas AM decided to stop running the ball and for what? UCLA couldn't stop a pop warner running back. Now Texas AM decided they had won the game at halftime and looked terrible in the second half. Sure there was a lot of luck and a lot of bad football on both sides. UCLA was fortunate Rosen didn't throw 3 picks because he got some luck. Texas AM has no QB whatsoever. The coaching on both teams was some of the worst I've ever seen. I'm a UCLA fan but Mora has to go!

  4. Rosen isn't good he few passes that were good and the A&M defense is awful shouldn't be an sec team don't like them WAR EAGLE BYE BYE CLEMSON WE THE REAL TIGERS

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