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  1. The rank at the race was respected, however i'm surprised cos the last results of the canadian are promising, he is pro since one year only (semi final at Montreal after victory vs Rafa). Busta 26 years, 19th at the ATP, gets his best results on clay (spain school) but this year stays very modest but the experience was talked. Busta plays so well key points in a very tight match.

  2. Shapovalov could've won this. He just looked too nervous in the tiebreaks and closing out the first set. Missed quite a few easy winners. And some glaring unforced errors.

  3. Fuck me in the ass. Now Fed/Rafa will have to face some boring player in the final.
    Aaaah.. screw it. Anyway.. well done Pablo… Pis os.

  4. Absolutely fucking gutsy performance by the Spaniard Carreno Busta. I love how the Spaniards compete, they give 100 percent on each and every point and have the speed and stamina to outlast their opponents. After only 3 sets Shapovalov looked almost thoroughly spent.

    Which brings me to the most relevant topic. Just a few days ago the Shapovalov fanboys were disrespecting the GOAT (Roger) and Rafa by proclaiming that Shapovalov will win this tournament after only seeing him defeat injured and dejected opponents in the first 3 rounds. I said it once and I will say it again, Shapovalov is a good ball striker but his game has glaring weaknesses, particularly his volleys and those big windups on the groundstrokes. Just look at how many unforced errors he had in this match. All that power comes at a price. How dare these Shapovalov fanboys say that Shapovalov will beat Roger and Rafa when he couldn't even get a set off of a player who is ranked outside the top 20.

  5. both players played at a very high level, Shapovalov is more entertaining but Busta wasn't there to show off and got the job done.

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