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  1. I lived in Saudi Arabia for 9 years,I live in the U.S but my heart is still in Saudi Arabia This made me cry tears of joy

    In 2018 I will watch the proudest 3 matches of all time 😂😂😂 , if we don't lose 8-0 I'll consider it a win

  3. Congrats great Country! For the Great Fans , And all of the luck for Syria, Good luck for karbin and Omar Alsoma VS Australia And others Arab teams .. GO SUADI GO 2018 ✨💚💚💚.

  4. The green falcons are coming to Moscow get ready for us ,we are in the greatest rage after 12 years of failure now we made it ! who is next ?

  5. The score is what it is. But anyone who's honest has to agree that Saudi has BIG troubles finishing. Not all that impressed with this.

  6. Japan shouldn't lose for a lot of Japanese who live in Australia and the proof of king's money worship and unequalness for gender never win.

  7. This is a comment aiming at all those whom questioning our national team players' race and ethnicity. All the players are from the country. do you think our land was isolated from the rest of the nations and tribes until soon like Japan's case? wtf! we have had contact with many other nations and people from (East, southeast, and central Asia), Levant, Iraq, Persia, India, China, (East, north and central Africa), and Europe since a long time. For centuries and in some cases thouthands of years. many people from different tribes, nations and ethnic background migrated into, and from, Arabia and they lived among the native people of Arabia in multi-cultured society as brothers and equal humans. Our cluture is rich and our roots are diverse & deep, thanks to God. so please don't be judgemental while not having the knowledge about what you're talking about, thank you.

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