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  1. Madrid is shit without Ronaldo, I've seen players getting statues outside the pitch and in the city for less but yet Madrilistas are some of the shittiest fans in the world they think Asensio is better than Ronaldo, where the fuck was he lol No one is at the level of Ronaldo and Messi… not even Neymar.

  2. Just to comment the RED card on Marcelo is accurate. he kicks the player when on the floor. He is seen, so out. Madrid, however, should have won this game

  3. I’m a Barcelona fan but Real Madrid could have won if they didn’t sell morata but it’s only the beginning in the season so I can’t say you lost already that would be stupid. But if bale can become the bale from the 13/14 season that would interesting to see. I still am questioning why they don’t put asensio at striker since his shooting would come in handy in these situations that Real Madrid are missing. Feel free to disagree but this is how I saw the game in my perspective. Visa Barça

  4. Madrid with, Isco, Asensio, Bale, Benzema don't achieve what 1 man achieves for Barca: Messi.
    Fucking Barcacrap vs Espanyol played awful with 16 times passes back to Ter Stegen, with no any tiki-taka, and yet Messi explodes with an hattrick, proving that with a shit team he achieves +- like CR7 with CIA.

  5. Real Madrid are probably regretting letting go of Morata since Benzema is way out of form and injured and Mayoral isn't the firepower they need right now. Real Madrid's B team is no longer good with inexperienced youngsters dominating the line up

  6. bale and benzema make me want to become a Barca fan that's how much I hate them it's almost as if Barca payed benzema and bale to not score

  7. Omg, all this hate here… I just love Barca and Real! Both are great, I just hope Real won't win the UCL again, because it's getting boring!😂

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