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  1. england are shite….full of half breed immigrants….not true english men…same with athletics…this country is finished…blame politicians and do-gooders

  2. England 1-0 up goal scored by harry kane. Later kane shots and has shot saved as per usual fantastic commentary "first time hes had a shot." pure quality in the from andy townsend as always.

  3. What's the matter with you lot? Criticising these players even when they do play well? Flipping insatiable! Either get behind the players or go to the French! No wait… they drew 0-0 to Luxembourg!

  4. We have quality strikers, but as good as the Midfield goal was, we would have scored more if they actually passed to our strikers instead of passing between each other.. just greed .. it got to the point that rashford who is winger had to do there jobs aswell…. I suggest Lallana and dier they actually pass forward…

  5. 50 plus minutes to score and a final flourish of goals at the end ….4 goals is respectable in any match but does this class as a real test….against Malta !! There should have been at least 8 goals !!

  6. I just came across this by accident, i can't believe England national team are still playing football, i thought they would of given up by now and done everyone a favour. No heart, no passion, no bollocks. The womans team would straighten this lot out on the football pitch.

  7. This is the most boring team I have seen England have no spirit they are like robots with no emotion that's what takes teams to finals and semi finals. Honestly I am going to support Portugal at least they have enthusiasm and all ways play enjoyable football.

  8. How many Chelsea players are in the England squad?😂 They might as well be playing in the Spanish league. Man city are becoming the same

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  10. All this Hart out nonsense, remember when we threw Carson in against Croatia and ruined his career, lost the chance to go to Euro 2008? Experience is vital in these games, the next game against Slovakia is the biggest game of the group, we have to play Hart. Heaton let two goals past him against Spain that he should have saved and pushed the ball out to the French guy in the France friendly, Butland does look good but why the rush? He missed over a year of action and is only just getting back to his best. Let's have a natural progression. No reason why Butland and Pickford can't be the top two for next 10 years.

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