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  1. i know lebron james, when i watch this game, i saw james face, and i said his not gonna make this game.

  2. Guys you can say what you want, choke job, not aggressive enough, not engaged. Brothers and sisters this is the work of money hungry men! You telling me lebron had a bad game? The whole shot 2-17from 3 in the last half and not to mention we had over 35 free throws what I'm trying to say is the refs were feeding us free throws to stay in the game because celtics started hitting it from 3. Yes you could say it was a lucky night for celtics but facts are there how do you win the game with ur start player throwing the game. Surely other people see this it's all for entertainment business. Just the other day nba and media were saying how boring the series is and all that bullshit then cavs come out playing like this? After winning 10games with lebron posting 30 plus every game??? Come on nba let the players decide don't mix in your greediness for players greatness! Peace

  3. I'm starting to think the NBA is all business.. They probably told him to lose the game so the series gets more interesting and tv doesnt lose viewers think about it…

  4. Sports is rigged like a MF IDK what know body say I can tell by how LeBron playing doing shit he would never do

  5. King James! 11 6 6 ? 4-13 . Siick! to make this even better, with that stat line they lost. LBJ DA Goat for real.

    7th straight finals coming soon

  6. Breaking: LeBron James is human can have an off night. He still tied Jordan's record of 8 consecutive games with 30+ points, while shooting better for three too so I see no reason why haters are coming out of their dungeons to slander.

  7. lol the goat would never score 11 points and commit 6 turnovers while shooting 4-13. I dont want to hear this that queen james is the goat ever. MJ is the goat deal with it bron fags

  8. Part of being the GOAT is knowing how to beat the spread and extend series. Just ask Tom Brady.

  9. This is just 1 bad game from Lebron. When he has bad game, haters scrutinize him and the fans defend him. When curry or durant have a bad game, Lebron fans scrutinize them, and haters of Lebron defend them.

  10. I'm a LeBron fan but even I can't defend the game he had 11 points 4/13 FG 6 turnovers seriously?? Wtf happened to bron man smh

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