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  1. I wanna punch this commentor in the face for saying that about Jose. You get paid to sit on your ass and give your shit opinions? Wow what a legacy you are living and leaving for your kids. Go fuck yourself


    Hi !!! TheBeanyman.
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  3. that 2nd commentator not deserve to be it..
    so unprofessional and hateful.

    I dont feel any joke in his statement..

    seriously to kick the ball on his face?

    im not manure fan but still hv a lot of respect for what he did in football world.

    one of successful manager.

  4. How come so many Middle Easterners live in the tower in central London and many on welfare while I work and can only afford to live in zone 4.

  5. Mourinho is such a good sport. He gave this event extra traction. He is such an intense guy, it is easy to see why he is such a winner.

  6. Who the fuck is this commentator is rambling about? He is damn serious to be jose's mind reader and write the latter off as a furious manager the whole game. Well can you pls shut the fuck up and give the man a break, he was cool but some disrespectful arsehole fans shouldnt behave that way when this game is meant to be friendly. Jesus, commentator they said? You know nothing about a shit.

  7. Charity match and the commentator is talking about smashing the ball into Mouirnho's face. What a disgusting cunt, he should lose his job for those comments.

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