Watch Georgia vs Italy 69:71 – Full Highlights (EuroBasket2017) | საქართველო – იტალია 69:71

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  1. even though we lost you gotta show us respect for fighting and not giving up even when we were down by 20 dixon gave us all he could i love that guy. dont worry guys will get em in the future

  2. let me get this clear for eveyone… this is a basketball game, which is supposed to be entertaining for watching and not for rubbish talk like fuck that country or other insults for nations, respect each other, we are both friendly nations for each other with politics or anything else, both countrys are awesome!

  3. im kacs movutytan umaduri dedis muteli vinc zazas ver apasebs da erti tamashis gamo aginebs, me aseti kacis umadurri suli movtyan.

  4. Italy was up by like 20 and barely won with help of refs. STFU and enjoy getting raped next round. Always Cheating just like in soccer. Fuck You Italy

  5. Can anyone explain me why Dixon plays for Georgia?..does he live there? did he marry a Georgian girl…or just they offered him the passport as he they fuckin sucks.

  6. Понятно ,что судейство было необъективно,но зачем нужно было начало матча проваливать!? Очень классная команда у Грузии, жаль что проиграли

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