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  1. And man is it me or does everyone on UGA seem bigger than last season. Strength and conditioning staff did a hell of a job with these kids.

  2. I know this was just app state but chubb and Michel are going to wear defenses down if they both stay healthy. There's no way you can handle both of those guys for 4 quarters idc who you are.

  3. Hey awesome vid man! I'm a small YouTuber who makes UGA Highlights along with other sports. Where did you make your outro? I would like to know, thank you. Love your vids

  4. Hey man awesome video bro!!!
    I found your channel about a month ago and I love it so much!!!
    My favorite video is the NBA video about the end of a era that one was awesome!!!
    You deserve 5 million subs bro keep up the good work bro!!!

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