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  1. this is arguably the best brazil team since r9 era ended. btw, falcao got his magic back. he must have worked his ass off for that, unlike torres

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  3. after watching USA Honduras,and seeing this you have to laugh at the quality difference, man we have a long ways to go USA that is.

  4. Haters saying Brazil is shit, 7-1, talking shit about our players and etc. We're already qualified, we're in 2017 not 2014, who would not want a Neymar in their national team? Why you're here watching a "shit team"? Go follow your great national team and let us be happy.

  5. (1) Alisson
    (4) D.Alves – Marquinhos – T.Silva – Marcelo
    (3) Casemiro – P.Coutinho – Paulinho
    (3) Willian – G.Jesus – Neymar

    If this isn't the best team in the world, I don't know which one is.

  6. Brasil vino a ganarnos, y no se guardaron nada, con lo que no contaban era encontrarse con una selección llena de huevos y no le pudieron ganar, por otra parte quede satisfecho porque le empatamos a una selección que venia con el viento en la camiseta, le jugamos bien a Brasil , ya que faltando 5 minutos James le dice a neymar que ya no se hagan daño es otra cosa, pero Brasil vino a golearnos, lo que no desconozco es la jerarquía de Brasil son enormes

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