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  1. Man i dont understand all the crititism. I personally think they played great and ive been knowing Argentina for so long time. I never missed a game and i can tell you that its really looking good for Albiceleste and they will go through, trust me. This is fotball and sometimes you dont have luck. I swear the score should be at least 4-1 and they just run over Venezuela. They will improve with every game. Dont forget that this team is in rebuilding stage after all crap they went through and this is Sampaoli's second game. So give it a time and watch them win next game (if not the whole competition)

  2. Venezuela played with their youth team(avg age 23) and still managed to play an amazing game against Argentina!! their future looks great!!

  3. Messi need iniesta, xavi, neymar, pique, di maria, etc… but Ronaldo he can Stand out in every squad! Ronaldo GOAT…

  4. I warn Mr.Lionel Messi, Either Ronaldo should be injured for the coming years or Messi should retire…coz there is no chance Ronaldo is gonna let Messi have the greatest ever tag …If he retires now at least people will say, ' Well Messi didnt play after 2017' and Ronaldo didnt stop hence Ronaldo became the greatest.. coz Messi's market will collapse soon, he will not get a bail out this time., he doesnt have Neymar , young Iniesta, Xavi , young busqets without whom he never was anything, Barca from 2008-13 was his cheat code to be the best, he doesnt have that anymore, Ronaldo has 5 ballon dors and now got the Zidane's Kroos-Modiric Cheat code, He will not let that pass, he will seal the deal.

  5. Argentina wants 2 maradonas. But there is only 1 messi and 1 maradona. 
    Messi position is on the right. They put him down the middle. So stupid.

  6. Messi Fans Paradox no. 9981-
    Messi doesnt leave Barcelona coz he is loyal to his Club.
    But why didnt he appear for Argentina during early qualifiers when they needed him the most. Shouldnt he be naturally more loyal to his country than his club. but Messi fans have got a solid theory for his every flaw. He Dribbles and passes more than Ronaldo..LOL

  7. Should have been 4-0 in the first half by Argentina smh they have one of the best squads in the world what is happening

  8. when, just when are these so called "top" strikers argentina supposedley have going to deliver? higuain and aguero cost messi dearly in the 2014 world cup and 2015 copa, dybala has not covered himself in glory so far, good to see icardi given a chance for once, underrated striker, higuain and aguero missed their chance, give icardi.

  9. Roberto ayala or Riquelme must appointed as Argentina Team main coach…..and where is eric lamela ?…he must be included in team….kun aguero is not essential…messi need a good support from midfield… better they need a player like riquleme in midfield

  10. ( Messi's fans )

    Argentina wins : Messi do it all alone
    Argentina lost : Messi is an alone good player playing with a terrible teammates

    Stop fool your self , Messi is not the same in Barca and Argentina
    Messi is a group player
    Not like C.Ronaldo who could play in any team and make a big difference

    ( Pardon My Grammar )

  11. Messi Fanboys be like, "Messi is the GOAT" whenever his TEAM wins. Messi Fanboys be like, "Messis teammates SUCK" whenever his Team loses.

    So when Messi's team wins, he gets ALL the credit, but when Messi's team loses, he gets none of the blame? LMAO.

    Ronaldo is better. Dude has twice the amount of competitive international goals than Messi. (And more assists).

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