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  1. Hey Ucla, maybe you can win the PAC, or even better, the NC! Yeah, like that's going to happen. Haven't sniffed a NC since what, 1954? Hilarious. Biggest underachieving program in the country. A&M a close second.

  2. i so sad now, saw this game live and say ucla getting blown out so i say fuck this and stop watching. then come to see theres an insane comeback

  3. It's sad how MILLIONS of sheeple can't see that Collegiate & Professional sports are absolutely rigged…. Shit like this is how they keep you zombies hooked like crack fiends!

    The country is facing more serious problems & this is all you idiots care about. Grow up before the NWO sneaks in your panties.

  4. Now all USC gotta do is take care of Texas (after Stanford of course) and southern Cali will have own the top two Texas programs. Cal owned Texas the last two years.

  5. A&M cannot defend the intermediate crossing routes or anything over the middle. The only time they went outside (during the highlights) was for the last touchdown. Not to mention their offensive line looked like a completely different team in the 2nd half. They will lost 4 games this year easily

  6. Monumental comeback UCLA!!!!  16mins. left in the game and your down 35pts!!!!  How many aggies from football does it take to screw up a 35pt lead with 16min. left in the game?……ALL…….OF……..THEM!!!!!

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